Even though 4-4 may be the worlds lightest and smallest iPhone 4 case, it still provides essential protection to the vulnerable edges of the iPhones’ front and back covers - while all controls and connections remain accessible.

Its slightly protruding profile helps prevent scratches when laying your phone down; using 4-4 can also help to avoid signal loss problems. This bumper-style case can optionally be combined with commercially available screen protectors.

4-4 is manufactured from tough and durable 3d printed polyamide. It has a slightly textured surface that gives you great grip on your phone.

Available in white, black and limited edition colors, 4-4 fits the GSM and CDMA/Verizon versions of iPhone 4, as well as the iPhone 4S.


essential protection for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

3d-printed bumper case for iphone 4
3d-printed bumper case for iphone 4
3d-printed bumper case for iphone 4
3d-printed bumper case for iphone 4
3d-printed bumper case for iphone 4
3d-printed bumper case for iphone 4

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$ 12.50  / € 9.50 

Ships anywhere in the world! 

Available in black, and limited edition colors. Click here to see current availability at the Shapeways webshop where you can buy this item.http://www.shapeways.com/model/207226/4_4_case_for_iphone_4_gsm___cdma_verizon.html

“your bumper has saved my iPhone twice, already”


Unboxing video of 4-4 by Jonathan Jean Pierre on YouTube

This Kickstarter project recommends the 4-4 case (second to last FAQ)

“I love it. It's the best looking cover I've ever had. Now my wife, brother and sisters all want to have one.”


Absolutely great product. Superb minimal design that not only improves iPhone4's reception, but sky rockets its design-appeal. In my opinion, there's really no other iPhone4 cover around that can compete on this high aesthetic level...Top product! Highly recommended.”

Tjerja, The Netherlands

“I got your 4-4 Iphone case today! Looks fantastic! Thanks!”

Robert, New York

“I have been using my black 4-4 case for a week and I love it.”