KXX 3d-printed sound rings by michiel cornelissen

Since my first initiations into capoeira and Brazilian culture, I’ve been fascinated by the caxixi instruments that rattle with the sound of beads bouncing inside them.

I find it just as fascinating that 3d-printing now allows us to miniaturize this shape into a wearable ring - with the beads printed right inside them.

KXX (pronounced kah-shi-shi in Brazilian Portuguese) can be used as fun, fashionable jewelry, or as an actual percussion instrument. And by celebrating soccer fans too - get them in your country’s colors!

Hi-res images can be found here. If you’re a member of the press, and decide to publish, let me know!

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KXX sound ring

Available via Sculpteo in many colours - your country’s are bound to be with with them. Yes, orange too!

starting ± €10 / $13 

Prices are can be higher in various colours and for larger sizes. Click here to see the available colors and sizes.


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3d-printed rattling rings, inspired by the Brazilian caxixi instrument

KXX 3d-printed sound rings by michiel cornelissen
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KXX sound ring

Also available via Shapeways. Prices tend to be lower, but in a smaller selection of colours. Click here to see the available colors and sizes.http://shpws.me/shxi

KXX is available in many sizes, from small women’s sizes to large men’s. By clicking on the links above, you’ll see both US sizes and the diameter in mm, which is used in Europe.

Prices vary a lot depending on colour, producer, and country to ship to - compare your options above!