PadFoot is a stand for iPad, designed to match the iPad’s simplicity and elegance.

Great for viewing photos and clips in the upright position; or slide PadFoot under your iPad for an improved typing and interaction angle.

PadFoot can be used in both portrait and landscape mode; iPad can be charged in landscape mode.

Strong as it is, PadFoot adds less than 15 (!) grams of weight to your bag.

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stand for iPad

PadFoot is manufactured in tough but lightweight, 3d printed polyamide with a fine surface texture.

For PadFoot for iPad 2, go here.

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starting around 

$ 24.50  / € 18.50

Ships anywhere in the world!

Available in white, black and limited edition colors. Click here to see current availability at the Shapeways webshop where you can buy this item.

compatible with iPad 1
padfoot 3d-printed stand for ipad by michiel cornelissen
padfoot 3d-printed stand for ipad by michiel cornelissen
padfoot 3d-printed stand for ipad by michiel cornelissen
padfoot 3d-printed stand for ipad by michiel cornelissen

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“PadFoot - Finally an iPad stand I can settle on. The iPad stands up perfectly, and there is absolutely no wobble or shake... PadFoot is also absolutely great to watch movies on the iPad...”

“... I was surprised by how small and lightweight it was... the PadFoot is extremely portable... PadFoot will hold the iPad securely at an angle perfect for viewing slide shows or videos.”

“This Little iPad Stand Can Still Do a Lot of Standing... The PadFoot does the job and stays out of the way.”

PadFoot is one of fastcodesign’s most wanted products of 2010

“... I think the PadFoot... is just the perfect partner for the iPad”

“ Simple yet adorable: The PadFoot iPad stand. At first, I thought the iPad’s inherent lack of stand was a flaw... Now I’m kind of happy that the tablet didn’t come with one. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have cute little items like this...”

“... the Padfoot, a minuscule, efficient iPad stand that is beautiful in its simplicity.”

“We’ve seen quite a few iPad stands since it hit the market, but the Padfoot by Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen is just a bit better than what I’ve seen so far... Perfect!”

“Padfoot ist einfach und genial.”

Padfoot on NOTCOT

“Received my PadFoot. Works great!”

Robert, New York

...bought a PadFoot... Best iPad accessory ever! You won’t be sorry, it is so light... I love it.


“Just got my beautifully minimal PadFoot iPad stand from Michiel Cornelissen. Nice!”

‘mr_phillip’, Scotland

“I’ve bought many accessories for iPad, but PadFoot is by far the most useful one I’ve come across. Simple, qualitative and ingenious.”

Mario, The Netherlands