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1. Place the headphone jack first.

Pod à porter

neckband for iPod shuffle - assembly

Assembling Pod à porter couldn’t be easier; to help you, here’s a small explanation.

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2. Gently push the cable through the opening on the side. The opening is designed to give some resistance, so your cable won’t come out unintentionally. Continue right until the end.

3. Finally, attach the iPod shuffle to the headphone jack. The on/off button can still be controlled through the opening at the top.

To take the iPod shuffle out  for charging and syncing, make sure you hold the headphone jack tightly in the neckband, and pull iPod shuffle out.

To take the headphones out of the neckband, start from the end where the buds come out and gently pull the cord through the opening until your reach the headphone jack.

Pod à porter

$ 29.50 including free worldwide shipping.

Available in black,and limited edition colors. http://www.shapeways.com/model/127683/pod____porter___neckband_for_ipod_shuffle.html