30 pencil icosahedron

30 Pencil Icosahedron
With this kit – plus 30 standard-sized hexagonal pencils-  you can build an icosahedron shaped object (about 38 cm or 15 inch in diameter).

 Use it as a lampshade, or just have it around as a fun and educational object.


It fits standard hexagonal (colour) pencils of about 7.0 mm cross-section, measured at the smallest diameter. Use that set of pencils from the bottom of your drawer, get a new set or buy separate pencils of only those colours that you like.

30 Pencil Icosahedron

”this new hands-on design is sure to keep your kids’ minds busy and bright…”



“Color us impressed! Michiel Cornelissen’s build-it-yourself icosahedron kit, which we spotted at the Model Citizens 2010 design exhibit last week, can be almost anything you want: a mobile, a hanging lampshade, a piece of objet d’art, or a fun educational toy”



“Dutch designer Michiel Cornelissen created this DIY kit that allows users to assemble their favourite pencils into a large icosahedron”



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