Bikini Trimmer

Bikini trimmer for Phillips Design
In this team project, we were asked to investigate what the ‘sense and simplicity’ brand promise could mean for the identity of a range of Philips products. Philips Design has graciously allowed the use of the images shown here.


Focusing on personal care products, our team advised to greatly reduce the amount of shapes, details, materials and colors used in the Philips product range. This allowed the designers to focus on the truly important functional aspects of products; using less, but higher quality materials. To make our recommendations tangible, we designed several conceptual products, such as this female ‘bikini’ trimmer and a male shaver.


In the Bikini Trimmer shown here, the comb – usually an annoying, but required accessory – has been integrated as part of the product housing. The single movement of sliding the comb up or down turns the product on and off, and sets different hair-lengths.