Camada Watch
Italian watchmaker Lorenz contracted me to investigate new concepts for wristwatches and clocks, inspired by my experiences with emerging production technologies such as 3d-printing and, here, lasercutting.


It struck me that in most watches face and case are approached as separate elements. Mostly, the case creates the form of the product while the face has a graphical treatment for telling time. And ‘minimal’ watches that rely less on graphics, often forgo an indication of the minutes in the dial. In Camada, I wanted the time-telling aspect of the watch face to be integrated into the form and build of the watch, rather than applied as a graphical element.


The entire watch is built up from layers of metal, to be joined in a process called brazing. The first layer of the face indicates the hour division of the watch, while subsequent layers provide a minute indication – creating functionality while giving depth and structure to the product. Although several prototypes were made, the proposed method for construction turned out to be too far away from Lorenz’s current production technologies, and the project remains in concept stage. The design is shown in brass, copper, stainless steel and black versions.

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