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Exchange Collection 
I’m always intrigued by the beauty of some of the things we take for granted, like coins, little industrial gems.”


This project makes use of the intricate geometries and flexible behaviour that are only possible with 3d-printing . Therefor in each piece is holding 111 five-eurocent coins firmly in place to create a stunning necklace.

Exchange Collection

The exchange collection is available as a DIY project. Start saving coins now – it’s half the fun.


photography: Cremilda Pedro/ Michiel Cornelissen


Copper can oxidize and become darker over time – which can actually give a great look. If you prefer lighter, shinier coins, there’s an easy – and fun! – way to clean them. Snap the coins out of the necklace, and submerge them in vinegar (you can add table salt, too) for a few minutes. Stir well, to make sure plenty of vinegar gets everywhere. Rinse the coins in hot water, and dry them. It’s magic. The necklace itself can be cleaned with water and soap and even dish-washed, after removing the coins.