Philips Multiva

Philips Multiva MRI

Philips Multiva MRI scanner

Magnetic resonance imaging is an incredible achievement of healthcare technology; allowing medical practitioners to view the inside of the human body at high resolution, without the negative effects associated with modalities such as x-ray. 


But an MRI examination can be a frightening experience for some patients; so in this design, the focus has been on creating a calm, safe and open impression for patients, aiming to minimize the anxiety sometimes associated with such examinations. And importantly, the needs of the patient are balanced with the professional needs of medical personnel and even service- and cleaning staff. The Philips Multiva MRI was introduced in Vienna at the European Congress of Radiology 2013.


The design of the Philips Multiva MRI was done in close cooperation with the Philips Design healthcare team. Based on the conceptual design I made with them, the Philips Design healthcare team did an amazing job of bringing this design into reality, staying very close to the original design.

Philips Design has gracefully granted permission to use these images.


Philips Multiva MRI scanner received the following awards:

IF Product Design Award, 2014
IDEA Medical Finalist, USA 2014
Successful Design Awards, China 2014
Erkenningen Goed Industrieel Ontwerp (GIO), NL 2014