Shaving Project for Philips
Shaving Project for Philips

Shaving project for Philips
Some of the best projects don’t get made… and this one had it all.


In this wonderful project, a dream team of engineers, marketeers and designers worked to create an innovative male shaving product. I was in the fortunate circumstance to lead the multidisciplinary design team and to create the final designs for the project. The shaving world is full of hyperbole, and products tend to be designed with unnecessary shapes and details – under the pretext of being masculine and ergonomic.


“I wanted to show that it is possible to design an elegant alternative, with a product which takes design cues from its functional aspects, expressing masculinity in a mature way.”


Our designs and propositions were beating the strongest competitor products in focus group testing, but the project ran into technical difficulties and could not be completed by the client. The final designs remain confidential, but Philips Design has graciously granted permission to show impressions of design details.