Ultimaker 3

Even a modest project can give great satisfaction, and our work on the Ultimaker 3 project is a good example. We’re very happy with the small but significant contributions we were able to make on this project. This 3D-printer, with its dual extrusion system, may be the biggest step for Ultimaker since the start of the company, providing dramatic new possibilities for creating complex geometry in the simplest way possible.


Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp created the design concept for the one-hand operated, swappable print cores – allowing the user to switch between materials in a matter of moments –  as well as the exterior design of the printhead assembly. The Ultimaker 3’s printhead contains complex functionality in a tiny space, making it a wonderful challenge to make this object look friendly and contemporary while allowing it to be operated in the easiest, most reliable way possible.


In addition to this we created the design evolution of the printer’s housing; with changes that were, by necessity, almost subliminal, but still manage to convey the Ultimaker 3’s distinctly professional character.