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Zesch interlocking coasters
These coasters interlock in a hexagonal grid, using a proprietary interlocking shape. They can be used individually, or joined together to serve as trivets for larger objects – or to create intriguing works of art…


Zesch coasters are lasercut from bamboo sheet and were designed with a generative modeling software called Grasshopper.


High resolution images of Zesch can be found here.



Download Zesch

Have some unexpected guests? Just print yourself some more coasters.

Click here for the free 3d-printable file on Thingiverse.


 …thanks to a clever mathematical design, the coasters can be combined to form larger trivets… which is why we love designer Michiel Cornelissen’s laser-cut Zesch coasters


Digital manufacturing maven Michiel Cornelissen is at it again.


This clever laser-cut pattern from bamboo sheets allows clusters of them to come together and form larger trivets of various shapes and sizes


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